For the service participants must:
  • Be 16+ 
  • Have Learning Disability and/or Autism.
  • Be able to communicate (verbally or written) with minimal support, basic thoughts and expressions.
  • Be able to label basic parts of body and some general emotions.
  • Willing to participate and agree to attend all the planned sessions.
For the group sessions:
  • Willing to participate with group activities.
  • Must be able to understand basic group rules and be able to engage respectfully within a group.
It is also important they must not have any pending or active referral regarding sexual health need/behaviour with a Health Professional without prior discussion and agreement with the Health Professional and Ready2Shine CIC first.

If you are interested in setting up a referral pathway please get in touch with us and ask to speak with Jennifer Hudson to discuss further. 

If you are not sure regarding eligibility, please contact us to discuss further.