Staff Training

We offer a variety of training modules. If what you need is not on the list then please do contact us for a chat.

  • Laws and Legislations surrounding Sex and Learning Disabilities. 
  • Mental Capacity Act and Sex.
  • Sexuality in Learning Disabilities.
  • Policy writting. 
  • Sex and relationships planning. 
  • How to impliment the new CQC guidence on Relationships inc local relevant policies. 
  • Managing our unconcious bias. 
  • Talking about Sex and the Law with those you support. 
  • How to make and manage effective resources. 
  • Reviewing/auditing how sex positive it is within the service you provide. 

Supporting Staff

This training is an intense info packed 2 day covering lots of infomation to guide staff in the correct direction. It  helps staff who may be supporting someone who is participating in the full course or staff who are delivering elements of Sexual Health as part of their care programme. 

  • To recognise the need for Sex and Relationships support in Learning Disabilities. 
  • To discuss LGBTQ+ in Learning Disabilities.
  • Understand what the main concepts are within Sex and relationship education. 
  • To know your role when supporting adults with Learning Disabilities,  including CQC recent guidence.  
  • Explore our own values and attitudes, looking at how these may affect practice. 
  • Discuss some of the resources available when supporting adults with Learning Disabilities. 
  • To know the key documents and how they impact and are used.
  • Understand the law with regard to capacity and consent. 

The course is interactive and is delivered partly workshop style and partly theoretical. There are multiple opportunities for group discussions.

Staff working within Learning Disability settings often come across situations that can take them out of their comfort zone. Mazlow (1987) explains the needs that all people have and that they need to be succeeded in order of priority to achieve selfactualisation. Some of the core needs we have are safety, relationships and sexual intimacy. If someones social functioning is inhibited they may attempt to achieve these needs in a way that puts themselves or others at risk. 

With todays climate of Safeguarding it can be hard to understand how much you are able to help someone to achieve some of these needs or facilitate their access to resources and support to achieve these. It is also difficult to understand how far you can discuss topics without it being misunderstood and often staff avoid topics due to fear of Safeguarding concerns or saying something wrong. 

The courses support staff to reduce these concerns, we provide training with plenty of opportunity for discussion.