Who are we?


Shannon Reddin

Shannon is a Sexual Health Practitioner. Shannon teaches the sessions and will be the person to speak to if you have any questions about the course once allocated. Shannon is in charge of the training and supporting you between each session.   

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer is a Registered Learning Disability Nurse. She will be the first person in contact and will ask you a few questions about what you will need on the course. Jennifer is in charge of the business and access part of Ready2Shine. 

Catherine Clegg

Catherine is often hiding behind a computer, it is not often that she is seen. Catherine does all our social media posts and writes our policies, she also helps us understand who is using our service and how we can run it better. 

Louise Rathmill

Louise is our Volunteer Support Worker. Louise is the lead with our Set2Shine programme for Quiz nights and Coffee mornings. Louise has worked in Learning disability services for many years. 

Jake Robinson

Jake is our Volunteer Support Worker. He attended the programme and then applied to work with us. He is starting to deliver some sessions and will soon be a Trainer with us. 

Ruby Jewell

Ruby joined our team in 2020 to help us make our work books into videos for the people that come to us who prefer videos to reading. Ruby has a keen interest in computer animation and has Autism andso has a great eye for knowing the best way to share information.  

Jordan Jones

Jordan applied to volunteer with us in 2020. He will be supporting the training team in sessions and helping people to understand the information that is presented. He is also in charge of our newsletters and is relaunching the LGBT service.
We have a few volunteer posts to work with us that would be suited for someone with a Learning Disability

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