Ready2Shine CIC is a Service for Adults and children with Learning Disabilities to access Education in relation to Sexual Health, Emotions, Relationships and Self Care. This is not just about sexual activity; this will include aspects such as boundaries with staff, peers, family and strangers. Other topics will include....


Why is it needed...

Historically the sexual rights of people with Learning Disabilities have been ignored or looked over, until there is a problem. Its at this stage when other people get involved and the individual ends up having to


In September 2019 Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) will become part of the Nation Curriculum, What this will look like across all schools is unknown at present, however we understand that there will be a need for staff working in Specialist schools to understand the boundaries and capabilities of each student. Our Staff training package is made bespoke for the audience be it schools, colleges, nurses, health care workers or support workers. 


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The Sex Education Forum

Here you will find  information and resources surrounding sex education particularly of interest is the fact sheet on RSE for young people with Learning Difficulties which can be found HERE

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