We have received funding to offer Prepare2Shine for free throughout 2018 with thanks to the National Lottery Players.

We have received a large volume of referrals for this programme so please bear in mind that participants need to attend all sessions of the course and  places are limited, we aim to fit as many people in as we can but this may mean that you have to make changes to weekly schedule in order to attend, however we en devour to meet peoples availability where possible.  


Please read of the course descriptions and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 

My Body and Me

We start with understanding our body, what it does and the difference between males and females. This session is also used to bond the group and establish trust.  


Pleasure (masturbation) public, private places, safe use of Porn, Periods, Lumps and bumps and Smelly bits are discussed in session 2.

My Emotions and Me

We explore how to manage our own emotions and how to support others who may be experiencing strong emotions, thisis a key topic for most individuals.

Relationships what is important to me

Here we talk about what someone wants from a relationship (friend or love/lust), what is okay to compromise on and what is not okay to compromise on. We look at a timeline of actions that happen in a relationship, people create their own timeline and we support them with any areas that are unsafe. Healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviours and actions should they feel unsafe.

Relationships different types

Who is in our circle from intimate right out to professionals, boundaries with each and Sexuality.

Capacity and consent

This session explores the Law surrounding these topics. definition of each, how to give and gain Consent, Coersion, Support networks and signposting if unsafe.

Sexual Health

Sexual Health covers topics such asSTIs, condom use, contraception, cervical screening.

Course Information

Within Prepare2Shine participants will receive a detailed referral screening where we identify eligibility, communication needs and background knowledge to enable to participants to be matched for the best experience, with the exception of group bookings. This will also enable us to tailor the sessions and teaching methods to meet the learning needs of all involved. Staff supporting the participants will be encouraged to attend the 1 day staff training where they will learn about the course and its contents, issues surrounding capacity and consent and how to discuss sensitive topics, the staff training is currently not funded. We also discuss some of the local community support networks which they can access once the course is complete.

Participants will attend 7 sessions lasting 2 hours with 4-6 people per group. Following the session each participant will be able to complete worksheets and activities in their Workbook to build up a resource file that they can use later on to recap and as a toolbox to support them following the course. They will also be provided with access to short videos, similar to the worksheets talking about the sessions, should they prefer this method.  

Due to the complexity of some subjects, when the referrals are screened it may be possible to go into more depth meaning some topics will be provided over 2 sessions. We can also discuss topics of interest for the participants to ensure the courses are person centered, these will be discussed at point of referral or periodically throughout should issues be identified during the sessions. 

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  •  Identify parts of the body that need ongoing self-care and self-management
  • Identify what masturbation is, why it might happen and how to do this appropriately
  • Understand what emotions are, what they look like and how to manage and respond to these emotions
  • Identify Healthy and Unhealthy Relationship behaviours (between partners and others i.e. strangers, staff, friends) and what this might look like
  • Know what coersion and compromise is and identify what they feel is appropriate within these topics
  • Identify the difference between professional and personal relationships and the boundaries within these relationships
  • Understand what consent means and the importance of gaining and giving consent
  • Identify what good sexual health looks like including the importance of preparation of a sexual relationship and protecting one’s body.

We have different Tiers for participants abilities. Tier 1 and Tier 2 will receive the same course, however Tier 1 is a basic level of information surrounding the topics as this group is for people who require more support with communication and participation. Tier 2 participants are likely to be in relationships, sexually active and/or experiencing/engaging in risk taking behaviours.  We will assess the Tier during the initial appointment.